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Within the Elgi organisation we are the centre of expertise for recycling & compounding. We run our plants 24 / 7, and supply a very constant product to our customers. We source raw materials preferably locally, focusing to supply our customers locally. But we are always ready and prepared to supply internationally when required by our customers.

For this reason we expanded our production sites in India and in the EU. Mid-term we see a move to a substantial need and readiness to use more recycled rubber in tyres and Rubber Resources is challenged to act accordingly. We explore new raw material markets, truck and car tyre rubber granules, and still remain able to produce the same quality, with the same reliability as Rubber Resources has shown in its rich history.

Rubber Resources will remain focused on the tyre producers as their most important partners. We will strongly support their new challenges. We will work together on common fronts such as raw materials, energy consumption, quality, environment and technology. Rubber Resources and the Tyre Industry have a common history, target and therefore a common future.