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Policy Statement

Maastricht, April, 2023


Rubber Resources is a company that specialises in the recycling of rubber waste, mainly butyl inner tubes and the treads of lorry tyres, into a product that can be used again in the production of consumer goods and products for commercial markets. Rubber Resources turns some 30,000 tonnes into 30,000 tonnes of useable end product.

Rubber Resources pays particular attention to the environment and works to minimise the environmental impact of its activities on the air and soil. We do this by taking a proactive approach to cleaning any air emitted and limiting the amount of waste that has to be dumped, all within the legal framework provided by the relevant legislation and regulations.

Rubber Resources sees it as its duty to supply products and services in a way that is economically responsible and in keeping with its customers’ requirements and expectations. We also aim to continually improve our organisation, the quality of our products, our services,  the work environment and to minimise the company’s impact on the environment.

One or more measurable objectives have been set at every level and for every relevant position in the company and kept up to date.

We are guided by the following principles:

  • The key priorities in everything we do are: the safety of everyone involved in our company, quality, and concern for the environment.
  • Everything possible must be done to prevent personal injury and material and environmental damage.
  • The products/services we provide to our customers should not be in conflict with legal provisions.
  • To remain competitive we must adjust to our customers’ changing demands.
  • Concern for quality, the environment and safety is everyone’s responsibility in his or her own work area. So everyone must be given the knowledge and resources to be able to fulfil that responsibility.
  • All our activities should be organised in such a way that they comply fully with  applicable legislation and regulations.

In order to implement the policy and achieve our set objectives, we have developed a combined care system that meets the requirements of NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015, NEN-EN-ISO 14001:2015 and the covenants agreed between the government and the industry association.

This policy statement will be provided to anyone on request.


Cheng-Y Vermanen
General Manager


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