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The Ecological part of Ecorr®

The way we think, act and behave is unconsciously determined by our community’s environment, family, neighbourhood or the city we live in.

In The Netherlands there is no child labour, we respect environmental legislation and hazardous products are forbidden. Of course Rubber Resources serves the environment every day by recycling rubber, being our core business.

In our efforts to serve the environment, we have to claim natural resources to process and to transport raw
materials. While doing so 70% of the process cooling water is recycled. The factory’s internal atmosphere is constantly filtered and cleaned before the fumes are released into the environment. Moreover, we are moving more and more from road transport towards water transport which leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions and decreased traffic density during peak hours.

The sustainable profit between claimed and reclaimed resources is monitored by ourselves and by the Dutch government, which has been formalised into an agree- ment; the Energy Efficiency Plan (EEP).

Every day we act consciously in order to preserve the environment and our natural resources for future generations.