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Reclaim Curing Bladder

Rubber Resources Maastricht has developed a new type of reclaim for specific use. Reclaim Curing Bladder is a new grade of reclaim solely produced from bladders, and the initial approach is to re-use it in bladder compounds. Therefore Reclaim Curing Bladder has been tested in a curing bladder compound. The compound test results have revealed the multiple benefits of this reclaim grade. 

Advantage of using Reclaim Curing Bladder

It can be concluded that the use of Reclaim Curing Bladder in a bladder compound leads to a reduction of 8 - 10% in raw material costs, whilst retaining product properties. Especially, regarding tensile properties and air permeability the test provided very promising benefits. If the percentage of savings is converted to actual value, cost savings come down to 0,06 - 0,12 usd/kg.


Reclaim Curing Bladder