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Rubber goods

Many rubber product manufacturers do not fit easily into any pre-determined market segment, yet they form a major market for Rubber Resources. This group of companies provides a target market for Rubber Resources’ entire range of products and related services as well as our various rubber reclaims.

Rubber Resources has the solution for applications such as  technical rubber goods, sheeting and shoe soles.

Our knowledgeable development department and our state-of-the-art laboratory enable us to perform complex research and development projects on behalf of our customers. In our development and technical departments, as in all areas of Rubber Resources, quality is our highest priority.


  • Shorter mixing cycles.
  • Low calandering, mixing and extrusion temperature.
  • Improved penetration of fabric and cord.
  • Lower swelling and shrinking during extrusion and calandering.
  • Increased tack.
  • Improved reversion and ageing performance of natural rubber compounds (ozone, UV).
  • Lower raw material costs.


Ecorr® RNR20B52
Ecorr® RNR20B66

Rubber goods