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Purchasing division: Quality buyers

Thera Dormans is the busy force behind Rubber Resources' purchasing division. His credo is obvious: sales earn, purchasing makes profit.
The main concern in purchasing is quality; quite understandable, because almost 90% of the product's quality is predefined during the phase of strict and smart purchasing activity.

Suppliers become partners

Rubber Resources' purchasing division tries to elevate relationships by establishing partnerships with their suppliers. These partnerships are often long-term. Partnership offers several advantages, such as valuable market information, quality assurance, in-time delivery and special rates.

Furthermore, Rubber Resources Purchasers:

  • streamline transport and distribution
  • aware of environmental issues
  • invest in long-term relationships with suppliers

 RR Maastricht Raw Materials:

We are interested in purchasing devalved Butyl Innertube Scrap.

Our standard specifications and terms are:

  • Butyl Inner tube Scrap, without valves.
  • Only whole, half and quarter inner tubes are allowed.

The butyl inner tube scrap must be:

  • Vulcanised completely.
  • Without valves.
  • Without natural rubber.
  • Without contaminations such as: airbags, bandags, stones, metal, paper ,wood,  plastics.
  • Without other rubber types like Natural Rubber, SBR, EPDM, Halobutyl, etc..

No packing allowed. The material must be supplied in bulk (loose).
The material must be loaded in standard 20' or 40' containers (no high cube containers).
Maximum net weight per container: 20' container = 24 MT; 40' container: 24 MT.
Minimum  net weight per container: 20' container = 18 MT; 40' container: 23 MT.

The "Rubber Resources B.V. General Conditions of Purchase" are an indissoluble part of all our contracts we have concluded or we will conclude with you. We explicitly reject general conditions of  others. The "Rubber Resources B.V. General Conditions of Purchase" are printed on the backside of this purchase order and have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Maastricht under reference: Dutch Trade Register, Maastricht, no. 14633389.

If you can supply Butyl Inner tube Scrap to us, please contact Mrs. Thera Dormans in order to discuss the terms.
Thera Dormans - Purchaser Raw Materials
Phone: +31 (0)6 410 808 96